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Title: Calendar and F Words    
Year: 2010
Size: ∅ 90cm
Material: Gouache, ink and colored pens on paper
The calendar is the outcome of an artistic crisis that I was undergoing for about two years in 2009-10, correlating with the world crisis. I lost the meaning and feeling as to why I was doing the work at all; the urgency seemed to be gone. The more professional the setting in which I exhibited, the less playful I became, till the joy was totally lost. I needed to start a daily practice of small, seemingly insignificant activities not directly related to my work in order to change this. For example I was making maps of my creativity and by counting the letters in words “professional artist” and “creative person” I realized that a professional artist was taking over. During these difficult years I developed an annual calendar where I would write daily, drafting kind of a mind-map and looking for the patterns of confusion and joy. The words Fear, Fame, Fail and Fake made a big part of this search. So did PLAY, this word kept repeating on this calendar/mind map and it also became a solution to this artistic crisis. Each year I create and use a new calendar for myself and my friends who also became inspired by it.