Medium: Factory-printed wallpaper

Dimensions: 50 cm roll

This work started with houses that I had seen as a child, wherein everything was wallpapered – including doors and water pipes, and the feeling that I got there, that something was hidden behind this respectable facade. It seemed then that a slight change could turn everything upside down. This is indeed what happened to both the Soviet Union and the wallpapered houses in it.


I used and showed this wallpaper in different settings. Firstly, at my graduation from the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Other students from my class helped me cover the interior of the building where our graduation show was held, and they used this wallpaper as a background to show their works.


Then I used this wallpaper to cover a half-demolished building in Rotterdam. The buildings that have exposed interior walls – showing old wallpaper patterns and tiles from the kitchen of somebody's home – always gave me the feeling of peeping into somebody else's private life. By putting my wallpaper with patterns of ornamental body organs on this building, I questioned the borders between inside and outside, between private and public.

I have also shown this work as a background to display my other drawings at the Istanbul International Biennial.