Buildings and Strangebuildings


Medium: Pencil, ink, collage on paper

Dimensions: Various

The poetics of space comes to my mind with these drawings. Curtains and gray walls of concrete interchange and dance with each other; plants grow through concrete walls and ceilings; tunnels do not lead anywhere. 


Writing a text about my drawings has always been the hardest for me, as making drawings is connected to the flow, where I usually only have a starting point or a mood, and then the drawing happens.

Untitled Yellow | Pencil on paper | 40x40cm
Untitled Gray | Pencil, charcoal on paper | 72x102cm
Untitled Blue | Pencil on paper | 40x40cm
Untitled Light Blue | Pencil, charcoal on paper | 49x71cm
Untitled Green | Pencil on paper | 55x58cm
I Was Building Tunnels Till I Became One Myself | Pencil, ink on paper | 42x30cm