Roof Performance


Medium: Performance, video, spoken word, dance, movement

Project by: Khinkali Juice

Cooperation with: Tamuna Chabashvili and Baia Sikharulidze

Location: Rooftop, Tbilisi, Georgia

This performance dealt with reality and made-up reality, or rather a reality imposed on us. During the performance, we read texts from the Georgian Cosmopolitan magazine, listing tips on how to make your body seem more desirable and beautiful, how high heels can make you look better, or how to judge a man’s sexual potential according to his mobile telephone.


In our performance, we also incorporated the billboard stating – “Georgians, forward to King Aghmashenebeli’s Georgia!” (The king of Georgia in the 11th-12th centuries). It was referring to the absurd wish of Georgian society to reverse the development of our country toward the past. The performance demonstrated that reality can sometimes be more absurd than art.