Khinkali Juice


Medium: Performance, video, spoken word, dance, movement

Project by: Khinkali Juice

In 2006-2007, visual artist Sophia Tabatadze and contemporary dancer and performer Nadia Tsulukidze started to work together and combine different art disciplines. These were visual, media, movement, music, and speech art forms combined in a polyphonic way. 


In our performances and installations, different disciplines had equal roles. The forms were there to supplement and support the content, rather than illustrate or decorate each other, interdisciplinary projects started getting increasing relevance and importance for us. Our performances were always site-specific. Each performance was different reacting to the context and the space we used. The themes of these performances dealt with social events surrounding us. But the problematic issues were not approached directly and impulsively. Instead, they went through artistic processes and gained weight, humor, and importance in the making. The dramaturgy was based on abstract principles and developed during the working process, mirroring specific social situations without a priorly written scenario. The themes like male-female dependence, cultural and professional habits, questioning the Georgian toasting traditions, the growing importance of religion in Georgia, and the blind copy-pasting from the Western countries were analyzed and brought into the discussion.