Much More


Medium: Printed newspaper

Dimensions: 58 x 40 cm, 12 Pages

Project name: Ecotopia

Project by: Goethe Institute Georgia

The newspaper Much More dealt with the changes taking place in Georgia in the years preceding 2006. During this time, Georgia seemed to be going through its teenage period – the objects of its love and passion changed drastically each year. In this newspaper, I recorded the most visible changes for me from year to year. A large number of shops and new businesses opened each year, only to give way to other businesses the year after.


2003 was the year of casinos, 2004 – fashionable supermarkets, and 2005 – perfume shops. There have also been years of pharmacy stores, exchange points, beauty salons, petrol stations, and so on.


I also photographed men in my neighborhood, who sat outside my house and played backgammon day in and day out, in the sun and snow, they seemed untouched by the rapid changes happening around them.