Medium: Installation

Dimensions: Various sizes

Location: Mirta Demare Gallery, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The black and white drawing on this wallpaper depicts fences, some are looking real, and others are imaginary. There is also a sentence written in Georgian (მთავარია იყიდო და შემოღობო), which translates to something like “buy a land and fence it” – a new mantra for Georgians.


There is also “welcome” written on it in English. I am interested in something that is welcoming and rejecting at the same time. Like a very old and dirty welcome doormat. 


There were also other wallpapers shown at this exhibition, the images of which come from wine corks. I collect wine corks that depict images of buildings and chateaus and scan them. Just like welcoming and rejecting, I am interested in something as insignificant and small as a used wine cork, but still important enough to hold an image of something much larger, namely the winery and the grandiose attached to it.