From Flags to Flowers


Medium: Digital print, fabric, machine embroidery, postcards

Dimensions: 274 x 520 cm installation

Postcards: 634 x 150 cm

In this project, I observed the changes during the transitional period in post-Soviet Georgia, which was rushing from one system to the other, adapting its façades, and making itself look "European".


This work started by observing a Soviet block building in central Tbilisi, and photographing it each time it was renewed and rebranded during 2003-2008. This renewal was mostly done by adding artificial flowers to the balconies, to make this building look "European". But some years ago, during the Soviet era, I remember these kinds of buildings having flag holders on balconies and red flags being distributed during Soviet celebrations. So I was interested in how long does a country need to go from flags to flowers? Which can also be the time and distance between war and peace. With the collection of photographs of this building, I made a postcard series with an ancient Georgian proverb printed on it: “IN A COUNTRY WITH A FLOURISHING DEMOCRACY, EVEN THE PLASTIC FLOWERS WILL BLOSSOM.”


Together with the postcards, I built an installation showing the image of this building and flowers embroidered on a transparent fabric layer stretched over it.