Ask Alexandra


Medium: Performance

Project name: Graduation of the CuratorLab of Konstfack University

Program coordinator: Joanna Warsza

Photos: Ernst Skoog

Location: Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

I played Alexandra Kollontai in the performance called Ask Alexandra. Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai was nicknamed the “Valkyrie of the Revolution” reflecting her strong position among the leadership before and right after the Russian Revolution of 1917. But not long after, around 1923, she was removed from office and sent to various diplomatic missions. How much power did she still have at that time and to what extent was she using her intelligence, strength, and charms only to secure her own survival?


I had these questions and decided to directly ask Alexandra in a performance where I invited other members of the group from the CuratorLab, which concentrated on Alexandra Kollontai in that study year. Together we formed a group in which I would appoint various roles to the participants, and ask them some questions that they would answer in the style of the Family Constellation method.


This project was part of the CuratorLab at Konstfack University and took place at the Tensta Konsthall (Stockholm, Sweden) during the show of Dora Garcia called Red Love.

Posing as Alexandra
Performanse Ask Alexandra
Posing as Alexandra
Greeting visitors